The Next Chapter

HIGHLANDER ENCHANTED will be the title of Book 4 of the Clan Mackenzie series. It is the story of Christie Mackenzie and Blake Macintosh and will be full of high-stakes drama. These two do not have an easy road But they are made for each other and I’m having a blast writing their story.

A side note: my first three books were published by HQN, who I think are fabulous. I did have the option of a fourth book with them but have decided to take the plunge and self-publish the book. This means I have more work to prepare for the launch of the book, and some of this is new territory for me. First of all, I need cover art. It needs to fit with the series yet also stand out as separate from the original trilogy. I want to get it right. I also need more editorial input from beta readers. Working with my editor at HQN was such a great experience, and taught me so much. I want to make sure I take all that I’ve learned on board. And I won’t be releasing the book until it’s as good as it can be. I also have to promote the book. So the entire process will take a little longer to get to e-shelves. And that’s another detail that’s new: HIGHLANDER ENCHANTED will be release as an e-book ONLY. But, since this was also the option presented by HQN, I’m hoping that readers will find it just as accessible. When it’s ready, it will be available through Amazon, Nook and NetGalley, to begin with. As soon as I have a cover and am getting closer to publishing the book, I will list it on Goodreads so readers can add it to their shelves. At this point I’m aiming for a June 2015 release date.

So, thank you to my readers for your patience and your support! I love hearing from you and always enjoy reading your emails and messages. Thank you to all of you who have written to me and to those who have rated and reviewed my books!


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  1. bettina says:

    when is the next book coming out   #4  called   Highlander Enchanted     can't wait!!!