Juliette Miller is the debut author

of the CLAN MACKENZIE trilogy.

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A 4-star review from RT Book Reviews:

"Miller makes a stunning debut with the first in her Clan Mackenzie trilogy. It’s an action-packed romance with fierce warriors, strong women, rebelling clans and secrets worth killing for. Her well-developed characters, accurate historical settings and dashing heroes will win over readers."


Since her adoption by peasants of the Ogilvie Clan, Roses has been marked as an outsider. Her fair hair and golden complexion set her apart, as does a mysterious tattoo she keeps hidden at all costs. So when Laird Ogilvie corners her with an indecent proposal, Roses has no ties to stop her from fleeing. Outcast and alone, her escape across the Highlands is interrupted by Wilkie Mackenzie, the wild and handsome brother of nearby Clan Mackenzie's leader. READ MORE

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In the midst of a Clan divided, two unlikely allies must confront the passion that binds them...and the treachery that may part them forever.

To secure her family's alliance with the powerful Clan Mackenzie, Stella Morrison has no choice but to wed the notorious Kade Mackenzie. READ MORE

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Deep in the lush Highlands, a powerful laird with everything to lose must risk it all for the lass who storms into his keep—and his heart.

Raised on the debauched margins of society, Amelia Taylor depends upon her quick wit and fiery spirit to survive. READ MORE

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What some of the reader reviews are saying about HIGHLANDER TAKEN:

“Reminiscent of early Johanna Lindsey ... titillating.” -RT Book Reviews

“It’s been ages since I read such a fabulous book.”

“My, can Ms. Miller write! I adored her debut novel and the first book in this series, Highlander Claimed, and this one was just as wonderful. I enjoyed watching Stella grow and break out of her shell, but most of all I fell in love with Kade. I don't know a sane woman who wouldn't love him. He is everything a woman could ask for and more, especially in that day and age. He and Stella practically set the pages on fire with their passion. For me, this book was highly romantic and touchingly beautiful! There is no way I'll miss the next book in this series. I simply loved it, and would absolutely recommend it!

“The writing is excellent and interesting and will keep you turning page after page until the very end. I absolutely loved this one.”

“Highlander Taken had a freshness to it that was amazing.”

“This author is becoming a consistent go to author for highland romance.”

“The author does a brilliant job of describing Kade's delicious methods of awakening Stella's sexuality: it is both gentle and raw, both heated and sensual ... I really enjoyed this book.”

“This book was well written and I couldn't put it down! Read it in one day! I definitely recommend this book.”

“The characters were intriguing and complex. I was discovering new aspects of their personalities to the end of the book. And this was true of almost every person in the story.”

“I won't mince words: the sex scenes are sizzingly hot. Wow! I loved that the author pushed the envelope of the typical, mainstream romance.”

“Loved this romance! Highlander Taken was a great read, an absolutely brilliant highlander romance.”

“This is a wildly entertaining book.”


What some of the reader reviews are saying about HIGHLANDER CLAIMED:

“This book was a delicious surprise for a debut novel and I really hope this author loves to write, because I am already a huge fan!”

“I thought this was an excellent romance, not just for a debut author, but any veteran author. The book immediately held me as a willing captive and I loved every moment I spent in its pages.”

“Let me start by telling you that Highlander Claimed was awesome. I’m the newest fan of Juliette Miller, not only because of the sexy characters she created but also because of her extraordinarily beautiful writing.”

“Deeply romantic, and the book comes across as more literary than most other genre romance novels. I found myself wanting to reread this as soon as I finished it.”

“This author doesn’t write a boring scene.”

“Wilkie is a highlander to be claimed for sure...and quickly! I adored how smitten he was the whole time...never wavered! It was super fun...couldn't put it down.”

“My first thought upon beginning this book was, ‘First person narrative? Really? Not seen that before in my Hunky Highlander books!’ But I have to say, I thought it worked brilliantly.”

“Loved this hero. He seemed realistically flawed but in a way that every female secretly wants. His flaws are all about how mindlessly head over heels he is. Original.”

“I loved this book! Roses and Wilkie stole my heart!”